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Service Spotlight: New York University Circle K

This Service Sunday highlights the efforts of Naile Ruiz, secretary of NYU Circle K. Below, Naile details her experience: 

From July 17th to July 29th, I volunteered with the Green Lion volunteer organization in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, which I signed up through International Volunteer Headquarters. From the various programs they had including food outreach, orphanage, and teaching english, I volunteered in the medical program. For two weeks I was stationed in an Orthopedics Rehabilitation Center and was able to aid the nurses in their daily patient rounds, mixing and distributing medicines, shadowing doctors as they perform wound care and physical therapists as they perform therapy, helping acupuncture doctors with the patients, and observing orthopedic surgeries. As a pre-med student, this was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my life, because volunteering in a foreign country was very different from volunteering in a hospital in the US. I was able to have constant interaction with patients and actively help the medical staff with the various procedures done in the hospital. The program itself allowed us to get quality volunteer experience while also giving us the opportunity to explore Vietnam and its amazing culture. My only regret is not staying for longer. “ – Naile Ruiz New York University Circle K Secretary

Great job Naile! Be sure to send us your own service initiatives or let us know of someone who you feel should be recognized, and they may be featured right here on NYCKI’s front page!

Service Spotlight: Molloy College

This Service Spotlight goes to three Molloy College Circle K members.  

Three Molloy College Circle K members had the honor of volunteering at the 5th annual Back to School Store hosted by the National Council of Jewish Women. Due to a generous donation, the store outgrew its previous location and was able to help over 1000 children this year. Each child entered the premises with a parent, was given a matching name tag, and was paired up with a personal shopper. Soon after, the parents were separated from the child and led to a community fair as the children were led to the school store. The store was impeccably organized with an unbelievable quantity of merchandise to choose from with fitting rooms and  mirrors set up all around. Volunteers were organized by colored aprons as  personal shoppers, department attendants, and runners (to name a few). Each child picked out a bag which they personally filled with a new pair of shoes, socks, a winter coat, a hat, a pair of gloves, a week’s supply of underwear, a pair of pants, a shirt, a hoodie, a pair of pajamas, a stuffed animal, a book, a school bag filled with supplies, a tooth brush, tooth paste, and a free happy meal certificate. The children who came in the morning had the opportunity to meet the volunteer firefighters and see the fire trucks in the parking lot, as well.

Stephanie Danisi, Molloy CKI Vice President, buy antidepressants online, shares a snapshot of her experience:

I personally had the pleasure of watching a five year old change from crying while leaving her mom to happily skipping around the store in her light up sneakers, a little boy leave the store wearing his winter gloves because he was so excited (it was 85 degrees out), a fifth grader strut her stuff after finding a pair of pants that made her feel amazing, and a five year old who popped out of the fitting room like a boss all decked out in his new outfit from head to toe. The day might have been exhausting, but the warmth we all received from the children made it worth it. “ – Stephanie Danisi 

Way to go Circle K’ers, and all other volunteers that made the event a huge success!

Service Spotlight: New York District Board

This Saturday’s Service Spotlight highlights The District Board’s advocacy for the Thirst Project. 

Justin Bennett, one of the participants, shares his experience below:

“Last Saturday on July 29th Circle K went to Washington Square Park to advocate for the Thirst Project. We did this by giving out free water bottles with flyers with Thirst project information on it. We would also tell the people we gave water to facts about the water crisis and how to donate to the Thirst Project. We also had jerry cans and 5-gallon buckets filled with water to show what people who live in countries without access to clean water must do to get water. This was a great event because so many people cared about this issue and wanted to learn about it. I especially loved so many people would come up to us and say how happy they were seeing us do this. It really made me happy to know that we were really making a difference.” 

– Justin Bennett, Queens College Circle K


Way to go Circle K’ers, and all others that came out to support the event! 

If your home club is interested in starting up a water walk on your campus, please email for more info. 

To learn more about the Thirst Project and its initiatives, click here.

Service Spotlight: Elmira Circle K


Our Service Saturday Service Spotlight focuses on Elmira Circle K. Heather Mustavas, Elmira Circle K President, describes their service project below:

“For our last club meeting of the academic year we chose to do a small service project to end the year right! Our wonderful advisor had “boo-boo bunnies” that were partially finished. Boo boo bunnies are wash cloths shaped into bunnies complete with googly eyes and bows! At our meeting we finished up a bunch of bunnies! We are lucky enough to have the Arnot Ogden Medical Center right around the corner from the college. The bunnies will be donated to the pediatric unit at that hospital to provide some comfort and smiles to children and their families. Small service activities such as this one are easy ways to give back to the community regardless of how large your club may be. ” – Heather Mustavas, Elmira Circle K President

Pictures of the project are below: 

Great work Elmira Circle K!

Have a service spotlight of your own? Send it in to us and it might get featured on our website!