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Omar Carrera

Change the Stigma

District Project Week is a week dedicated to educating people on mental health and providing ways to support and promote Mind your Mind.

One of the ways to really change the way people view mental illness is by simply talking more about it. We are often told that people don’t care about how we feel or that feelings should be kept to yourself. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Expressing emotions is a part of human nature, it would be unnatural to bottle order tramadol c.o.d everything up when you want to shout. Teach people that it is okay to not be okay by:
– Offering to listen to people when they have no one else to talk to
– Hosting venting sessions at tables/bake sales. When they are done, give them some candy.
– Creating a poster board with “How are you feeling?” and have markers/pens, and post-it notes on the side. Have students write down how they are feeling and post it on the board.

In-House Service

We’re bringing back District Project Week! This week is dedicated to educating people on mental health and providing ways to support and promote Mind your Mind.

One of the most overlooked things is happiness; happiness is a state of mind that a lot of people take for granted and don’t realize how lucky they are to be happy on a daily basis. Some people cannot acquire and stay in a positive mood, whether it be because of a situation they’re in or something is going on in their brain. You can help others as they try to be happy by:
– Writing positive statements on post-it notes and placing them on random places around your campus
– Writing positive messages on mirrors in bathrooms, possibly to help boost self-esteem
– Making cards for children and adults in hospitals to make their stay a little more cheerful
– Performing random acts of kindness, such as buying someone’s lunch or something as small as holding the door open
– Offering free hugs to people

Service Spotlight: Hofstra University

Each week, we recognize awesome service projects that clubs are doing around the district. Interested in getting your project featured? Make sure your club secretary notes it on the monthly report form! This week features Hofstra University Circle K’s in-house service project! Hear more from the club:

“One of our amazing buy ambien pills online service events was to make no slip puffy paint socks for our local children’s hospital. It was an awesome opportunity to get creative and do some service at the same time. We hope the kids enjoy the socks as much as we did making them!”

Service Spotlight: University at Buffalo

On October 20th, UB Circle K hosted, Buffalo International Day Of Service where over 70 Circle K’ers from all over the district came to Buffalo for a day of service and fellowship. Circle K members started off the day volunteering at organizations throughout the Buffalo area from cleaning a SWAMP to raking leaves and even gardening. Later in the day, everyone got together for some BBQ food and fellowship activities. Circle K members spent the evening making candy apples, painting pumpkins, followed by some service projects benefiting the local area. Thank you to everyone who participated and stay tuned for next year!