Committee Chair Applications are Now Live!

New York District Circle K Committee Chair Applications: 2018-2019

Interested in joining the 2018-2019 District Board? Apply to be a Committee Chair! You will have the opportunity to learn about and contribute to the workings of the entire District.

DEADLINE: April 2, 2018

Alumni & Kiwanis Family Relations Committee Chair
Are you a master of the K-Family? Want to help bridge the gap between New York District Circle K and other K-Fam branches? This committee will work with New York District K-Kids, Builder’s Club, Key Club, Aktion Club, Kiwanis, and the New York District Circle K Alumni Foundation members to promote unity, drive membership, and plan Kiwanis Family events. This committee will work to help recruit more Key Club alumni into our clubs, encourage graduating CKI members to join Kiwanis Clubs and our Alumni Association, and also help our clubs network with local K-Family branches and hold Kiwanis Family Relations events.

Awards Committee Chair
Help our NYCKI members get recognized for their hard work! This committee will work to organize and create the 2018-2019 district awards process and applications, working closely with the district officers and communicating with clubs once the applications have been rolled out. The committee will also assist the Con Con committee with superlative awards at other district events. Have cool awards ideas? Want to help promote our awards and scholarships? This is the committee for you!

Club Building & Strengthening Committee Chair
Charter new clubs, strengthen our existing clubs, and reactivate inactive clubs by working directly with club officers, LTGs, administrators, and the governor. This committee will be observing and analyzing our clubs in order to determine their strengths and how we can best help them as a district. It will also ensure that club officers are properly trained.

Conferences and Conventions Committee Chair
Love organizing and planning events? This committee will work with a team of members from across our district to host our three annual district events: District Large Scale Service Project, New York Speaking, and District Convention. From picking event themes to working with workshop presenters to getting service opportunities together—the Con Con committee is always fun and exciting, but takes a lot of hard work and preparation!
*Please note that this may be a Co-Chair position. You may apply with another individual to be Co-Chairs. However, you must each submit your own application.*

Marketing Committee Chair
Get our word out, improve our organizational brand, and work to improve our presence throughout New York. This committee will oversee our various social media platforms, help clubs make promotional materials, implement the brand guide, and create and organize marketing plans and promotions for our own district initiatives, events, and more! You will also head the media team in charge of photography and videography at all district events.

Service Initiatives Committee Chair
Promote our New York District service initiatives and work with clubs and LTGs to provide new and exciting service opportunities to our members. The committee will also form and organize campaigns and promotions for our various service partners and preferred charities.

Technology Committee Chair
Work on the design, upkeep, maintenance, and improvement of our district website,, as well as assist in all other technology related needs. (We currently run our website through WordPress—It’s easy to learn!)

Please be completely honest and forthright with all answers. If you have any questions, please email Executive Chair Peony Tse at


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NYCKI Projects and Initiative Slides

Our district works with many organizations on many causes, however we have a few projects and initiates we are encouraging clubs to become involved with. To better educate you and your clubs, the service committee has put together three presentations about those projects. 

We encourage you to download the slides and read through to learn more, personalize them, and bring them to your next club meeting to share. You can also invite a local CKI board member to visit and present them for you! 

Screenshot 2017-09-06 22.48.57
District Project
NYCKI’s Abled Friends


Screenshot 2017-09-06 22.46.50
Governor’s Project
Water: The Key to Life


Screenshot 2017-09-06 22.46.40
New York Kiwanis


Let’s Walk, Let’s Talk

It’s time to sign up for the annual Let’s Talk, Let’s Walk suicide prevention walk, in Long Beach, NY, on September 17th, 2017.  This is a great way to help raise awareness, end the silence and support those in need. Can’t make it to the walk? Either make a donation, or sponsor the walk! Even the smallest contribution can go a long way. 

Learn more by going to the website here:

Or if you’re ready to register, click the button below:



We hope to see you there!