Members from all over the world, volunteering with District Treasurer Edgar Hu in Toronto.

One of the unique parts of Circle K International Convention is that you get to perform large scale service projects with Circle Kers from all around the States and Canada. However, you will see that how we serve our communities – and the passion to make the world a better place – is no different anywhere else. My LSSP team, the White Rabbit Path, had been assigned to help the Salvation Army.

For those of you who don’t know what Salvation Army is, it is a Christian charitable organization found in 127 countries. They seek to help the poor and hungry and one of the ways they do that is to provide shelter. But they don’t just stop at basic needs. The shelter provides each person counseling to get them back in their feet so they could get earn a job and affordable housing on their own. Meanwhile, the shelter seeks to create a community where they can socialize and be positive about their future through arts and craft socials.

13528081_1218024078216062_4317725304677324929_oObviously, this requires a lot of manpower to do all of this. That’s where our team came into help. We helped made beds that would normally take a worker three hours to do in just little less than a hour. They were surprised we finished that early, so they had us rearrange their closet filled with hundreds of clothes. Their workers always have their hands full, so they never have the time to organize them. But we helped organize all of the clothes they had so they could be more accessible to the people living the shelter.

Although our service project was only two hours or so, I believe we made an impact for the people in the shelter with the small things we did. The worker who would straighten beds for hours can focus on other work the shelter needed to do or rest. If someone needed a nice dress shirt and pants for a job interview, they can find one easily this time.

Interested in planning a similar event? Get in touch with this poster to see how they did it!