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Queens Family Day of Service


On July 6, St. John’s University Circle K hosted a day of service at Kissena Corridor Park. They invited members from a soon-to-be-chartered Aktion Club, the Rosedale-Laurelton Kiwanis Club, other CKI clubs, and various Key Clubs in New York City.

Nearly 50 members showed up to the event, where they shoveled and placed mulch around nearly all the trees in the park. They cleaned the area and picked up branches, which happened to be the 2015 CKI Kiwanis One Day initiative: #BranchesWithBranches.


Many more “Queens K-Family Day of Service” events are in the works, with a second to be held on July 25th at the O’Connor Park in Bayside and a third will at Kissena Corridor Park on August 8th.

CKI Service Week

APRIL 5-11, 2015

Join other Circle K International clubs around the world during CKI Service Week, beginning April 5 and culminating with Kiwanis One Day on April 11, 2015.

CKI Service Week exists to increase awareness of CKI, the Kiwanis family and CKI’s preferred charities  March of DimesStudents Team Up to Fight Hunger and UNICEF on college campuses. During CKI Service Week up to 13,000 college students could participate.


April 5: Better World Books
April 6: March of Dimes
April 7: The Eliminate Project
April 8: Six Cents Initiative
April 9: Up with People
April 10: STUFH
April 11: Kiwanis One Day


April 5: Better World Books

1. Bookmark Making: Help support reading initiatives by creating a personal reminder for students in the form of a handmade bookmark! This project is great because it not only allows members to be creative but it allows clubs to give back directly to their community by donating said bookmarks to a local school or library.
2. Designing Children’s Books: An easy way to engage with literacy projects at local daycares/preschools is to create basic alphabet/numbers books to then donate that can help to grow a program’s library and expose students to the building blocks of literature in a very personalized way.
3. Book Drive: Host a book drive with the help of Better World Books! You can learn more about how to do so here.
4. Host a story time: Host a story time at a local children’s hospital/ elementary school/ library. Purchase books to have club members read to the children and donate at the end! It helps to both expose children to literacy and expand the host library.
5. Create a Little Free Library:  Design a spot in your community where books can be stored and exchanged safely! It’s a great way to encourage and promote reading on campus or in your community. You can find out more about the Little Free Library project and about how to start your own here

April 6: March of Dimes

1. ALL DAY: Wear Purple March of Dimes Awareness
2. Pass out purple ribbons and flyers for March of Dimes Awareness: Do this in a populated area around your campus. Maybe where lunch is held or other places where people are.
3. Hold a dinner and give a short presentation about the March of Dimes, its mission, and how people can get involved.
4. Also have information and sign ups for the March for Babies walk in your local area available for people to take.  Information on a March for Babies walk near you can be found here or by contacting your local March of Dimes chapter.  

April 7: The Eliminate Project

1. Bake Sale: Hold a bake sale on campus. Sell items for US$1.80. Use Eliminate colors for your desserts and have information about The Eliminate Project out on your table for your patrons. Keep a tally board letting those who pass by how many lives have been saved by those who have purchased baked goods.
2. Local restaurant fundraiser: Ask your local restaurants (Chipotle, Five Guys, family run business) if you could have one night where a percentage of the profits go to the Eliminate Project and invite your CKI members and friends to go out together!  While this happens, you can also host a raffle for those that show up and raffle off CKI gear, donations, baby themed things! This is also an opportunity for you to advertise about Eliminate while you are at the restaurant with community members.
3. Host a baby shower: Go to a local hospital and host a baby shower for new mothers and at the same time speak about what Kiwanis and UNICEF! Let them know how lucky they are to be able to hold their child in their arms, when in other countries where MNT is still prevalent, mothers cannot even hold their child.  Give out goody bags filled with things for the baby and mother, but don’t forget to also put in a pocket guide. 

April 8: Six Cents Initiative

1. “Feeling Refreshed” morning bake sale: Nothing gives you a pep in your step, more than a sweet treat! Hosting a morning bake sale is a great way to raise funds for Six Cents Initiative. Have all baked goods be in the shape of water droplets, snowflakes, ocean waves, etc., or add blue food coloring to rice crispy treats and cookies in order to emphasize the main theme of our initiative. For extra “brownie” points, print off water related facts and tie to the baked goods. For ideas, check out the Six Cents resource page on the Circle K website or visit UNICEF’s Tap Project page.
2. Spare Change “Spell-It-Out”: Spell out water related words and have passersby cover up the letters with spare change.
3. Water Well Wishes (All day event): On a poster board or trifold display board, draw a picture of a water well. Sell water droplet cut-outs for a set amount of money and have students decorate them with their name, major, Greek letters, etc. Another approach would be for the buyers to write their “wishes” onto the water droplets. Sell until time or supply runs out, and see your well fill up with water!
4. While this day is mostly aimed at helping us reach our fundraising goal, the need for water conservation education is huge. Be sure to educate your supporters by handing out water conservation sheets and other water related materials. Inexpensive promotional items, which you could give to your supporters, are stickers. You can use the Six Cents Initiative logo, found on the Circle K website, to design stickers from theFacebook page.

April 9: Up with People

1. Coloring with Seniors: Volunteer at a local senior center or shelter. Such organizations are are always looking for individuals to give-up their time to facilitate creative activities that will stimulate the minds of their residents.
2. Cultural Festivals: Volunteer at a local food or cultural festival in your region. Not only will you be able to learn more about others, but you can travel the world on a budget. Check out your local town/city calendar to find out what events are happening in your area. EX: Providence, RI
3. Music Education: Encourage your members to become music educators! Arrange for your music program on campus to visit the music department of a local middle or high school. Talk to them about the process of going into such a major/career and ways to stay involved.
4. Charity Concert: Bring together your friends and family to showcase your talents. Provide a stage for your audience to become aware of the importance of the arts, while allowing students to express themselves. All proceeds can go to a local non-profit for art/music outreach.
5. Miscellaneous:
 Contact your community theater and create stage props and costumes

  •  Offer assistance at local galleries or cultural centers.
  •  Present skits or other forms of entertainment at nearby hospitals or recreational facilities.

April 10: Students Team Up To Fight Hunger

1. Canned Food Collections: Go around a neighborhood of your choice and come around asking for donations of any canned foods or any non-perishable food. Remember to do your research and know which pantry, buyantidepressantsonline, food bank, or benefit it is going towards. Don’t forget to mention that you are from Circle K International, which supports Students Team Up To Fight Hunger!
2. Food Drive (on-campus/off-campus): Coordinate with your student body or school administration to host a food drive around campus, especially if it is around a time that students are moving out of their residence halls to come back home. Also coordinate with local stores to utilize a market plaza to ask for donations.
3. STUFH the Bus: An event involving the filing of a school bus with non-perishable goods that will be donated to the local food bank or food pantries in your area.
4. Feeding the Homeless: Bring your members together to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cooperate with another organization to safely distribute dinner to the homeless on the streets.
5. Hunger Awareness Day: Hosts workshops and execute activities that relate to promoting the issue of world hunger.


Committee Chair Applications

The 2015 – 2016 New York Circle K Committee Chair Application is now open. The District Board is accepting applications until April 30, 2015 for these committee chair positions:

Conferences and Conventions
Social Initiatives
NYCKI and International Projects
Alumni and Kiwanis Family Relations
Governors and District Project Task Force
Club Building and Resources
Membership Development and Education
Laws and Regulations

Committee Chairs Descriptions
Committee Chairs Application Link