Governor’s Project Week is a week dedicated to educating people on this year’s Governor’s Project, Life’s Necessities: Food and Water. Throughout the week you’ll learn more about the project and ways to get involved!

Consider hosting a fundraiser for Life’s Necessities: Food and Water. Some fantastic non-profit organizations to fundraise for are Thirst Project, dedicated to spreading the awareness and eliminating the water crisis, or Feeding America – did you know, for every $1 donated, Feeding America network of food banks provide 10 meals to people facing hunger? You can implement some of these fun fundraising ideas on your campus for these organizations! 
– Bake Sale: Oldie but goodie
– Hold a benefit concert with local talents from your campus!
– Sell your school’s Circle K gear, e.g. shirts, stickers, buttons
– Hold a crafting session and sell what you guys make during tabling!

Have questions or want more info? Check out our website at or contact the Service Initiatives committee at!