Service Spotlight: Syracuse University Circle K

This Service Sunday Spotlight sweeps to Syracuse University Circle K’s Vice President, Beatriz Bueno Dorea (Pictured right). Below, she describes her impactful experience helping sea turtles in the Cayman Islands:

“Over the summer, I went home to the Cayman Islands and volunteered with the local Department of Environment (DOE). Alongside the group of professionals from DOE, we went around the island searching for turtle tracks and nests at the beaches. This is done in order to preserve the nests of the endangered sea turtles. On the two days in which I volunteered, we walked parts of beaches around the island to check if turtles had laid eggs. If they had, we would triangulate the position of the nest and record the GPS coordinates. If this was done previously and the eggs had already hatched, we would check how many hatched and unhatched eggs there were in those respective nests. During that process, we found many hatchlings that had not made it outside the nest. We were able to then take them and release them into the ocean at night. It was an amazing experience in which I learned so much new information about sea turtles, as well as what needs to be done in order to protect them.”

– Beatriz Bueno Dorea, Syracuse University Circle K Vice President

Great work, Beatriz!

Remember, if you have a club or individual that should be recognized for their outstanding service, send it in and you can be featured too!

Service Spotlight: Stony Brook Circle K

This Service Spotlight Sunday highlights the volunteer efforts of Stony Brook Circle K at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. Below, Winnie Qi explains the purpose of ReStore, and what they did to help the cause:

       “When you left your house today, you most likely had the peace of mind knowing that your house and everything inside will still be here to welcome you back when you return. Most people don’t realize that this sense of security is priceless. Instability affects a vast majority of Americans, and even more so now with hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters looming down at us. Without a stable home, many things that define the American quality of life become expendables. These people, faced with desperation, let go of education, food, and even healthcare. None of these things should ever be inaccessible to anyone, and no one should ever have to choose between them.

       This is where ReStores come in. A branch of Habitat of Humanity, Restores take in furniture donations. They may be refurbished or just extra stock from furniture stores, but having a place to donate them keeps them from going to landfills and sends them to homes in need. Furniture is resold at extremely affordable prices. Profits goes towards building homes and helping families regain independence. Over the summer, we volunteered our time at a local ReStore. We helped build two beds. This was a very small part of a large cause, but volunteering our time helped create two pieces of furniture that will build another home. Our efforts, as well as those of many others, will go a long way to rebuilding someone’s sense of security and confidence. The home is the foundation for growth. The home is a place to return to and a place to make happy memories. It is the physical form of the emotions and memories of the people residing inside. Our efforts will help build another home, one piece of furniture at time. If you have the time, please be sure to contact your local ReStore! It’s fun and a great way to get involved in a cause that can reach millions of people.”  

– Winnie Qi, Stony Brook Circle K Service Committee Chair

Below are some featured photos from the event: 

Great work, Stony Brook Circle K!

NYCKI Projects and Initiative Slides

Our district works with many organizations on many causes, however we have a few projects and initiates we are encouraging clubs to become involved with. To better educate you and your clubs, the service committee has put together three presentations about those projects. 

We encourage you to download the slides and read through to learn more, personalize them, and bring them to your next club meeting to share. You can also invite a local CKI board member to visit and present them for you! 

Screenshot 2017-09-06 22.48.57
District Project
NYCKI’s Abled Friends


Screenshot 2017-09-06 22.46.50
Governor’s Project
Water: The Key to Life


Screenshot 2017-09-06 22.46.40
New York Kiwanis


Service Spotlight: Russell Sage College Circle K

This Service Sunday recognizes the efforts of Mariama Suso of Russell Sage College Circle K. Below, Mariama details her experience and how she is giving back to the community:

“I volunteered at Hustas Drammeh’s Masjid in Bronx. NY to help kids learn to read and write in a different language.  The language I taught them was Arabic so that they would be able to read the Quran and the Hadith.  This would help them in their prayers.  First I had to teach them the four different alphabets which are in the Arabic language and helped put together some letters so that they would be able to say words.  Then, they learned how to form sentences and proceeded to read the Quran.  Of course, I helped them read and understand what said words meant in the English language.  It was exactly the same as a child learning how to read in the English language.  Also, during the last hour of the day, I would tell the children stories that held life lessons or had no meaning at all but still entertained the kids.  I realized the kids enjoyed the stories that didn’t have a hidden meaning more than those that did.  

Another thing I did at the masjid was help the homeless.  There were two ways to go about it.  One way was to donate money and the other way was to cook and let the homeless come into the masjid to eat.  Majority of the time, people chose to cook and feed the homeless.  It was nice to sit those in need and listen to their stories.  Some of them were veterans who had nothing to come back to.  Others were curious that a Muslim was willing to help them due to what they usually hear about them. All in all, teaching the kids and helping the homeless gave me a new drive to continue being a Psych major, and I love it.”

-Mariama Suso, Russell Sage College Circle K Vice President

Keep up the great work, Mariama!

Be sure to send us your own service initiatives or let us know of someone who you feel should be recognized, and they may be featured right here on NYCKI’s front page!