Every year during Circle K International convention at the House of Delegates (HoD), delegates from clubs around the world elect the new International Board and vote on amendments to the Circle K International Bylaws. Here’s a summary of what happened at the CKIx15 HoD, brought to you by the New York District Laws & Regulations Committee.


CKIx15 International Bylaw Amendments

  • Amendment 1 allows for satellite clubs to have a liaison position between the satellite and their host club.
  • Amendment 2 removes the time restriction for an international board member to join or start a new Circle K club if he or she transfers schools. The continuation of the member’s term will be left up to the decision of the international board and the Circle K Director.
  • Amendment 3 enforces the current procedure that a trustee is not assigned to a subregion by the International President.
  • Amendment 4 in conjunction with Amendment 3, enforces the current procedure that a trustee is not assigned to districts by the International President.
  • Amendment 5 adjusts the time of the International Council meeting to reflect current procedure.
  • Amendment 6 adds the right for affiliate Circle K clubs to have 2 voting delegates at international convention.
  • Amendment 7 allows for clubs to elect committee chairs if they choose to.

Please note that these are only summaries of the passed amendments. For additional information and details for each amendment, please see the CKI International Bylaws which can be found at circlek.org.