Every year during Circle K International convention at the House of Delegates (HoD), delegates from clubs around the world elect the new International Board and vote on amendments to the Circle K International Bylaws. Here’s a summary of what happened at the CKIx16 HoD, brought to you by the New York District Laws & Regulations Committee.

CKIx16 International Bylaw Amendments

  • Amendment 1 allows for the Board of District Officers to grant permission to charter ”small” institution clubs or re-charter to a Multiple-School Club as long as there are less than 5000 students enrolled.
  • Amendment 2 states that club presidents, in consultation with the faculty and/or Kiwanis Advisor, can appoint committees as long as the club board approves.
  • Amendment 3 defines what makes a Circle K District and dictates the necessary procedures for a district to form.
  • Amendment 4 allows for Circle K clubs to co-exist with one or more Kiwanis International Districts.
  • Amendment 5 clarifies the language of Article 10.
  • Amendment 6 proposed opening the trustee elections regardless of subregions. Trustees would have been assigned a subregion to represent by the International President, International Vice President, and the CKI Director.
  • Amendment 7 states that “Each Circle K club is expected to have representation at each Circle K International convention”.
  • Amendment 8 removes the Large Scale Service Project Committee.
  • Amendment 9 adds CKIx Planning as a Standing Committee, which will focus on planning the Large Scale Service Project.
  • Amendment 10 enforces that the International President and Vice President shall appoint and assign duties to a chairperson.
  • Amendment 11 adjusts the language of club structures to promote gender inclusiveness.
  • Amendment 12 proposed to change the word “mankind” to found in Circle K’s mission statement, vision statement and the Circle K pledge to “humankind”.
  • Amendment 13 opts that instead of electing a bulletin editor, the position may be an appointed committee chair position (non-voting board member) if a district deems appropriate.
  • Amendment 14 allows Circle K members to review the current and proposed annual CKI budget at convention.
  • Amendment 15 would have allowed the International Council to review and approve the proposed CKI & convention annual budget.

Please note that these are only summaries of the amendments that passed and failed. Full details of each amendment will be in the CKI International Bylaws, which are coming soon.