District Editor

Hello Editors!

I am Carson Bloomingdale your 2020-2021 Editor. You will be able to get important information on this page. Information that I send out in my emails with be stored here as well as easy access to any resources that I produce! I am really hoping we can make this 2020-2021 a really good year for every Editor and Webmaster!




Editor Information

Editor Training #1


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Hello! Welcome to the 2020-2021 Service Year. I am Carson Bloomingdale your new District Editor and I am super excited to get started!

A little about me…
I am a third year studying Computer Science at Rochester Institute of Technology. I was my club’s editor 2018 – 2019 as I was New York District Marketing Chair 2019 – 2020!

I am incredibly excited to be able to help guide you guys through this year. My primary concern is you guys, the club editor’s.
It is my job to provide guidance to you throughout the year.
I want you guys to be able to ask me anything throughout this year, so this will be my first of many sessions where we get together and talk about our plans for this year.
This training will be geared towards you getting comfortable in your role and teaching you about some tools which can potentially help you in the new year.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order

  2. Introduction 

    1. Name & School

    2. Ice-Breaker: Put an art piece here you are most proud of right now!

  3. What should be your focus?

    1. Identifying your goals

    2. Reviewing your predecessor’s goals

    3. Identifying the technologies

    4. Connections
    5. Getting your Workflow Set-up
      1. Gantt Charts
      2. Trello
      3. Notion
  4. Branding your Club

    1. Canva Templates

    2. Brand Guide

  5. Keeping in Touch

    1. Editor Emails

    2. Trainings (Like this one)

    3. 15 – minute meetings

    4. One-on-ones

    5. Guides

  6. Questions, Comments, Criticisms, Critiques?

  7. Adjournment

Meeting presentation

Check out the meeting presentation ahead of time! – Don’t worry I will explain all of the content, but if you want to get a kick start, I made sure I typed out everything I intend to say so that the doc itself should be self-explanatory!

Presentation HERE!

When 2 Meet

Please check your inbox for your respective When 2 Meet for your subgroup!

If you have concerns about the schedule feel free to contact me ahead of the meeting. This first Training is super preliminary and it will give you a lot of information for you to reference in the future. I recommend keeping the information in the training alongside you throughout the year.

This training is FOR YOU meaning…

– If you aren’t getting enough good information from a tutorial on a topic, let me know. (I have about 5 trainings in the future planned spanning from topics in Canva, Mailchimp and Basic Web Design.)

– If there is a topic you want/need to know about sooner, let me know. This second half of the year is hard on us as editors, people are reaching out asking if they can get things onto your social media accounts to promote the club, or your club might be promoting initiatives on Facebook/Instagram meaning you are under a lot of new pressure which you don’t have a lot of time to prepare for! 

– If you want a one-on-one ASK, I am super available during this times to just sit and work on your Club Branding with you. 

– Speak up, ask questions. I am a FAST talker and I really appreciate when people slow me down!

– Let me know what works for you, do you like me Training in a call where you can ask questions in a group setting, or would you prefer me to record these on my own time and distribute and then you could ask questions on the side, I am all ears. I think that group situations allow everyone to benefit, the question you thought of but solved on you own…. Someone else in the group might have the same question! So speak up for the betterment of everybody in the call.

Future Communications

Editor Emails – Will be coming out often with information on the upcoming trainings, templates, and guides and etc. These will also be posted to nycirclek.org/editor so that you can reference them!

Trainings – Happening Monthly and in small groups based on divisions! 

15 minute meeting – Every Two Weeks DURING THE SEMESTER. These are to answer three questions:
– What are you working on?
– What is blocking you?
– What are you going to do next?
(We can talk about starting these now?)

One-on-ones – AS NEEDED I am super open to just sitting on a call and working on getting you the info you need to progress in your position

Guides – I intend on creating guides that will go along with any training or
workshop that I do.

Important Resources
I have created a drive file of important resources which you can access by going to:

On top of that, I am putting all of the resources in one place, if you need anything, a refresher on my last email – getting my Canva templates or accessing the resources, you can go to nycirclek.org/editor

Closing Remarks

Respond to this with your favorite animal! Mine is for sure CORGIS! I cannot wait till I graduate and am able to take care of my first corgi. I have been so close sooo many times to just buying a corgi! I have stopped myself though because when I am a dog parent – I want to be a good dog parent!

Thanks for reading this long email. I appreciate that you want to add to the impact of New York Circle K! 

Here is my contact info:

Carson Bloomingdale

Facebook Messenger – I respond very quickly most of the time!