Our final and largest district event of the year is District Convention or DCON! 

What: District Convention (DCON)
When: March 22-24, 2019
Where: Desmond Hotel, Albany, NY

Reflect upon your own personal growth and join New York District Circle K’ers in the final District Convention of the service year! In a weekend dedicated to the tenant of leadership, you will be exposed to multiple opportunities to discover for yourself what it means to take initiative and be a leader. These opportunities encompass attending a huge span of workshops, networking with Kiwanians, participating in District elections, and engaging in fellowship activities (e.g Club Lip Sync Battle). Afterwards, we’ll end the day with delicious food, team games, and a spectacular dance floor in celebration of our accomplishments!


Visit the official DCON 2018 Website here: dcon.nycirclek.org


Need more convincing? Check out last year’s DCON:


Before you leave, check out the trailer for the upcoming DCON!: