george-latimerGeorge Latimer, now a New York State Senator, was the New York District Governor during the 1971-1972 service year. Latimer was a member of Fordham University Circle K, and in 2009 a reunion was held in which he reflected on his time as a member of the organization. He attributes much of his success to being a part of Fordham Circle K.

            Fordham Circle K continues to be an active club that makes a difference in its community today. Here is what Phil Bedard, current Fordham Circle K president, had to say:

            I have been a member of our organization for three years, and the colleagues I have worked with through Circle K have truly embodied the Jesuit virtue of serving as men and women for others. Our members do not simply participate in the opportunities presented to them; they demonstrate a genuine care and concern for the communities surrounding them, and they passionately use every resource available to them at Fordham in order to contribute to solving real problems in our world. From homeless individuals to children with disabilities and many more, Fordham CKI continues to dedicate itself to touching the lives of all people and inspiring those around us to do the same.

Keep up the great work, Fordham!

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