2017 – 2018 New York District Goals

Service HoursGoalProgress%
Total Service Hours20,000277514%
App. 18 total service hours per member.
Funds RaisedGoalProgress%
Total Funds Raised$30,000$3,500.0012%
Governor's Project Funds Raised$6,630$3,500.0053%
District Project Funds Raised$3,000$0.000%
App. $27 total and $3 for each of the projects, per member of the district.
Club EventsGoalProgress%
Kiwanis Family Relations1503523%
District Event AttendanceGoalNumber of Attendees%
District Large Scale Service Project175
New York Speaking125
District Convention200 (75% of clubs represented)
Other GoalsGoalProgress%
Club ChartersNet +5 active clubs (reactivated or chartered)240%
Membership20% increase (app. 1,112 members)
Monthly Report Form Submission Rate100%
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For questions or inquiries, please contact District Secretary Julia Dressler at julia.dressler@nycirclek.org.