Hello Seneca Division!

This is a hard time for everyone. The past month is heart-breaking for many of us. The sense of chaos and insecurity never hit me this hard. However, we shall think hard and work hard with a belief in ourselves and our community. Love you all!


  President One-on-ones  
  • WHEN: Choose a timeslot through the link below
  • WHO: Club President and Vice President 
  • WHAT: Introduction and discussion about club plans 
  • Doodle

  Monthly Report Form (MRF)  

  • WHEN: 5th of every month
  • WHO: Club Secretary
  • WHAT: Club service hours and other club information
  • LINK
  Fundraising Report Form (FRF)  
  • WHEN: 5th of every month
  • WHO: ClubTreasurer
  • WHAT: Club's fundraiser being held or planned
  • LINK
* Even though we may not able to do our normal Circle K things, everyone should continue to fill out their MRF and FRF forms *
* To learn about how to fill out the Monthly Report Form (MRF) and more CKI definitions, click HERE.
* Club Survival Guides During COVID * – continued
 – Online/COVID Service Projects – 
(Credit to Noah, the Service Chair of NY district)
  1. Making Cards for Children’s Hospitals (Send to Local Hospital and be sure to add “Your College/University and Circle K”). 
  2. Make Dog Toys for local Animal Shelter and be sure to add “Your College/University and Circle K”
  3. Food Pantry Volunteer in your local area (e.g., Foodlink in Rochester)
  4. Clean local park/recreation area in your hometown
  5. 30 Hour Famine through World Vision
  6. Donate Hygiene Kits to local homeless shelters and be sure to add “Your College/University and Circle K”
  7. Make Bingo Cards for local Senior Living Facility and be sure to add “Your College/University and Circle K”
  8. Make Sexual Assault baggies (a piece of jewelry (new or gently worn) and a piece of words of encouragement) and be sure to add “Your College/University and Circle K” in a nice bag/ colored sandwich bag 
  9. Grow vegetables for a homeless shelter and donate the vegetables to the homeless shelter 
  10. Bring bottled water to peaceful protestors or support the cause if you would like
  11. Gather and donate old books from your collection to your local libraries/local prisons 
  12. Register students to vote
  13. Create paintings for an art auction for a Circle K Fundraiser 
  14. Make no-sew baby blankets for local hospitals
  15. Write cards for nursing staff and send to a hospital of your choice and be sure to add “Your College/University and Circle K”
Need MORE resources? You can check out:
At-Home Service Guide
(Credit to NY District Board)
International COVID-19 Resources (Credit to the University of Florida CKI, the District Governor of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District, Katelyn Van Buren, and International Service Committee Chair, Annamarie McGuire)
Remote Service Guide
(Credit to New Jersey Circle K)

* Dates in June *
Jun. 5th — World Environment Day
Jun. 8th — World Ocean Day
Jun. 21st — Father's Day
Jun. 21st — International Yoga Day

Q: If you are an animal, what would you be?
I would be a hamster. They are way too cute and I think I am kinda similar to them. I like to hoard food in my room and having food makes me feel safe. I also enjoy sleeping as they do.  

If you have anything you want to share, feel free to reply to this email! : )
Thank you for reading this far!
Stay safe and healthy! 

** If you have any questions feel free to contact me through email (yuan.shang@nycirclek.org) or text (585-743-0751).