Angela Lu - May Member of the MonthFor the month of may, we are featuring Angela Lu from Stony Brook University as member of the month.

During the month of April, Angela committed the most service hours as a non-eboard member, showing up and participating in almost all of Stony Brook University’s events in April. Even though she is a bit shy and newer to the club, she breaks out of her comfort zone and attends to so many events despite not having her friends there or knowing many people in the club yet.

Angela, congratulations. Keep it up!

Fun facts about Angela:

1. What is your favorite service project?
My favorite service project was participating in Relay for Life. It was my first time participating and it was truly an emotional and unique experience.
2. Why do you love CKI?
I love CKI because of all the wonderful people I’ve met so far and that it allows me to contribute to doing good despite being just a college student.
3. What is your major / what do you study?
I am currently majoring in Health Science and on the pre-med track.
4. Favorite CKI memory?
My favorite CKI memory is helping out with the Amazing Race. I think it was just such an interesting event and it was really funny watching people struggle with our challenges.
5. Any cool (non-CKI) hobbies or fun facts? What do you like to do for fun?
I have a large variety of hobbies and interests such as watching anime, cartoons, drawing, singing, dancing, kpop, etc. It’s really easy to get me into something since I’m interested in almost everything!