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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can an event be both an interclub and a KFR?

Yes, an event can be both an interclub and a KFR, as long as it fits the specific requirements of each.

My club didn’t have events this month. Do I need to submit the MRF?

Yes, you must still submit the MRF even if you have no service projects or other events. This lets the New York District know that we aren’t missing any reporting, and that we can confirm what events took place every month.

Does my club need to choose a member of the month every month?

No, your club does not need to choose a member of the month for every month, but it is highly encouraged and suggested that you do so.

Do individual service hours count towards the MRF?

Yes, any service projects members hold or attend individually still count on the MRF. Be sure to ask your members during the summer and over school breaks to see if someone has service hours to report.

My club has a points system. How do I report this on the MRF?

You should not report any ‘points’ on the MRF. Some clubs choose to correlate member points to service hours and attendance, but this is not something that the district regulates or oversees, and does not belong on the MRF. You may, however, use that information to help decide a member of the month.