Hi Again Northern Circle K!
It's Alexandra with our third LTG Update of the service year.
It's already JUNE! Summer's going fast… Let's make the most of it!

Below, you will find a To Do List as well as Announcements regarding the district and how you can help make a difference.


Service Hour Report Form

PLEASE distribute this form to members so service hours for June can be tracked!
WHO: Everyone
WHEN: 1st of every month (so June service hours are due July 1st)
WHAT: Tracks the service hours of members, especially since our service is being done independently right now.

Monthly Report Form (MRF)
WHO: Secretaries
WHEN: 5th of every month (so May MRF will be due in a few days)
WHAT: Updates district on club service hours and events.
HOW: Fill out this form. If people fill out the Service Hour Report Form responsibly, you can gather any service hours completed by your club members at this link (look under responses).

For clarification on what constitutes a service hour, and other CKI definitions and events, check out this resource.

Fundraising Report Form (FRF)
WHO: Treasurers
WHEN: 5th of every month (so May FRF will be due in a few days)
WHAT: Updates district on club fundraising.
HOW: Fill out this form

Filling out these district forms helps our club get the recognition and awards our hard work deserves at the end of the year! 


The New York District has established their service project for the year… COMBATTING COVID!
Make a difference by making masks, delivering food to the vulnerable, or other hands-on service. Or start your own fundraiser – bingo sheets on social media are a super easy way to help those affected or to support essential workers (check out NVOAD for a list of organizations supporting various COVID19 response measures).

All the work you do still counts as service hours and money fundraised by your Circle K club (make sure to report it using the Service Hours Report Form).

And please don't forget about your members! It may be summer, but a Circle K'er reaching out might make a big difference.

That's all I got!

Just a shorter email this month. I just wanted to check in, provide some resources as the summer truly kicks off, and let everyone know I'm always available to help. Let me know what I can do!
Thank you for reading through everything.
I hope everyone is being safe <3

 Yours in service,
Alexandra Hill
Northern Division Lieutenant Governor, New York District of Circle K International

(818) 689 0108 | alexandra.hill@nycirclek.org