Hi Northern Circle K!!

We have arrived at our 5th LTG Update… the last of the summer! I hope everyone has enjoyed this very, very long break and are looking forward to getting back to work.

Below is our usual To Do List, upcoming events, and finally resources.


Service Hour Report Form
WHO: Everyone
WHEN: 1st of every month
WHAT: Tracks the service hours of members.

  • This month's hours:
    • JULY SERVICE HOURS: due August 1st.
    • Report your service hours from this month with THIS FORM
  • Next month's hours:
    • AUGUST SERVICE HOURS: due September 1st.
    • Next Month, report your service hours with THIS FORM

Monthly Report Form (MRF)
WHO: Secretaries
WHEN: 5th of every month (so July MRF is due August 5th)
WHAT: Updates district on club service hours and events.
HOW: Fill out this form. If people fill out the Service Hour Report Form responsibly, you can gather any service hours completed by your club members at this link (look under responses).

For clarification on what constitutes a service hour, and other CKI definitions and events, check out this resource.

Fundraising Report Form (FRF)
WHO: Treasurers
WHEN: 5th of every month (so July FRF is due August 5th)
WHAT: Updates district on club fundraising.
HOW: Fill out this form

Filling out these district forms helps our clubs get the recognition and awards our hard work deserves at the end of the year! 

Presidential Check-in:
WHO: Presidents
WHEN: Before we go back to school
WHAT: Meeting to make a concrete plan for how we will tackle this semester
HOW: Fill out this form to pick a time that works for you


10th Annual Kiwanis Family Picnic
WHAT: ONLINE event to connect with members of the NY District K-Family.
WHEN: Saturday, August 8 from 12-5 p.m.

NYCKI Personal Development Workshop Series
(presented by CBS committee of NYCKI)
WHAT: Attend webinars on Zoom hosted by your fellow Circle K'ers. You can register for as little or many workshops as you want.
WHEN: August 4th-6th and 11th-12th
HOW: Register Here

A lot of these are valuable resources to use for your own service at home, but don't forget the most important part of CKI is the members!! Utilize these for your clubs.

Voter Registration Video Guide
Watch a lovely video created by our NY District Service Committee about voter registration and how it affects the District Service Project (Combatting COVID) via this link

Yemen Service Project
NY Service Initiatives Committee hosted a 'Service Hang' at which some members presented on the Yemen Crisis and ways to make a difference. Find the presentation at this link.

Unicef Service Project
Click here for a super fun, easy way to raise money for Unicef… word puzzles!

Service Ideas (thanks to our Service Committee)

That's All 🙂

I hope you all take advantage of these amazing events and resources! The start of the school year is fast approaching, so it's really important you feel confident and prepared to hit the ground running with Circle K. If you don't know what that looks like… reach out!! That's why I'm here.

Yours in service,

Alexandra Hill
Northern Division Lieutenant Governor, New York District of Circle K International

(818) 689 0108 | alexandra.hill@nycirclek.org