It’s Turkey Month!

For some reason, people were jumping right to Christmas when Halloween ended. Here are some updates on what is happening in the New York District!

New York Speaking

I had recently joined Circle K this semester. I learned about New York Speaking through attending club meetings and word of mouth from a friend. I heard it was centered around fellowship and was a very fun conference. I decided to go to gain a new experience and perspective. I was also a member of the host club, which was exciting. The first night there I was nervous, we went around tables and did speed dating with the older Kiwanians. As we introduced each other and spoke more, I got more comfortable. It was cool to hear how some of them knew about my tiny hometown. It was also comforting to hear their words about getting through college and becoming a young adult. I feel it is very inspiring to get to talk to older generations, as our generation is full of anxiety about the future. I also enjoyed all the games and activities we did as well. I met a lot of very nice members of different schools. I felt like I was in high school again doing fun things and being with other students. I also attended some workshops. In one of the workshops I went to, empowerment through education, they went over how important education is. We were also shown how to create bags that have essential items to help a child in school. This is an idea I would like to see my home club do. I am very happy to attend New York Speaking and would recommend it to those who would like to meet new people, build connections, learn new things, and have fun.

~Sarah Gogan
SUNY Oswego Junior


An education is the most powerful weapon that any individual can hold. As the key to self-empowerment and social mobility, an education allows individuals to have agency in their lives and choose their own paths.

~Peony Tse
District Governor 2019-2020

Every year, the NY District Governor chooses an initiative for all Circle K clubs in the district to support. District Governor Peony Tse has chosen Empowerment through Education to be this year’s Governor’s Project.
There are already SO many organizations in existence who are working hard to combat the challenges around education! Find the one that resonates with your club and reach out for an IMPACTFUL collaboration!
It’s time for Circle Kers to do what they do BEST and serve the communities in need! Use the power of your voice to unite your club’s actions towards empowering the students in need of your support!
Events are a chance to truly embrace your efforts to advocate and inform people about the education in this world. Spread the word about Empowerment Through Education by hosting a variety of fundraisers!
See life at a different perspective, other than your own and recognize the impact YOU have on the people around you. Lead by example and volunteer your own time to use your experience as educational for someone else.




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Sometimes I wonder whether I volunteer because I want to truly make an impact on someone or something, or if I do it for selfish reasons, because it makes me feel good about myself. But, at the end, it doesn’t matter. Even if I’m doing this for selfish reasons, isn’t this the best type of selfish one can be?

~ Sami Sharifiy
District Executive Chair


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