June 2016_242rtcsandwiches

Members from Hunter College and other schools making sandwiches at the Regional Training Conference.

Living in New York City it is difficult to ignore the presence of the homeless, especially when one can encounter them on a daily basis. Seeing as it is one of the biggest issues, my officers and I wanted to find a way to help them out and give them one less thing to worry about, obtaining their next meal. We decided that the best way we could do so was to make sandwiches for them to eat.

Since we were nearing the end of the semester and still had funds in our budget left to carry out our project, our lieutenant governor, Sara Louie, suggested that we do it at Regional Training Conference on June 11th. Thanks to the help of around 20 Circle K International members, our recently re-chartered Hunter College Circle K International was able to make a total of 185 peanut butter and jelly, and Nutella sandwiches which were donated to the New York Common Pantry on East 109th Street during our service project Sandwiches for the Homeless.

Upon receiving our donations, they said that they had distributed all of their donations and were thankful for our perfectly timed donation. After packing the sandwiches and grouping together with my e-board, we deemed the project a success. We were happy to have had a wonderful group of people who find joy in giving back to our communities jamming to music and bonding while spreading peanut butter, jelly or Nutella on bread slices. It was a wonderful way to spend our Saturday and we can’t wait to join forces again and accomplish online pharmacy no prescription more service projects.

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