This Service Spotlight highlights their service towards an Alzheimer’s walk. Morgan Morris, a member of Canisius’s Circle K briefly explains her the experience below:

“Last month, a few members of Circle K International: Canisius College went to Delaware Park to blow bubbles for the participants of the Alzheimer’s Walk. We had bubbles galore at this event and the walkers were very excited for the warm encouragement from the Canisius community. We wanted to show them that we appreciated their effort and persistence as they walked 5 kilometers around the massive park. Although buy kamagra it’s not your average way to start the morning, it was refreshing to see how much people cared and were willing to do this to pay their respect to those who suffered or are still suffering from this illness. Personally, I could not be more happier that Saturday morning to do something that seemed small on the surface, but was big enough for people to notice and embrace wholeheartedly. No matter your age, you are NEVER too old for bubbles!” – Canisius College Circle K Member Morgan Morris