This Saturday’s Service Spotlight highlights The District Board’s advocacy for the Thirst Project. 

Justin Bennett, one of the participants, shares his experience below:

“Last Saturday on July 29th Circle K went to Washington Square Park to advocate for the Thirst Project. We did this by giving out free water bottles with flyers with Thirst project information on it. We would also tell the people we gave water to facts about the water crisis and how to donate to the Thirst Project. We also had jerry cans and 5-gallon buckets filled with water to show what people who live in countries without access to clean water must do to get water. This was a great event because so many people cared about this issue and wanted to learn about it. I especially loved so many people would come up to us and say how happy they were seeing us do this. It really made me happy to know that we were really making a difference.” 

– Justin Bennett, Queens College Circle K


Way to go Circle K’ers, and all others that came out to support the event! 

If your home club is interested in starting up a water walk on your campus, please email for more info. 

To learn more about the Thirst Project and its initiatives, click here.