This Service Sunday recognizes the efforts of Mariama Suso of Russell Sage College Circle K. Below, Mariama details her experience and how she is giving back to the community:

“I volunteered at Hustas Drammeh’s Masjid in Bronx. NY to help kids learn to read and write in a different language.  The language I taught them was Arabic so that they would be able to read the Quran and the Hadith.  This would help them in their prayers.  First I had to teach them the four different alphabets which are in the Arabic language and helped put together some letters so that they would be able to say words.  Then, they learned how to form sentences and proceeded to read the Quran.  Of course, I helped them read and understand what said words meant in the English language.  It was exactly the same as a child learning how to read in the English language.  Also, during the last hour of the day, I would tell the children stories that held life lessons or had no meaning at all but still entertained the kids.  I realized the kids enjoyed the stories that didn’t have a hidden meaning more than those that did.  

Another thing I did at the masjid was help the homeless.  There were two ways to go about it.  One way was to donate money and the other way was to cook and let the homeless come into the masjid to eat.  Majority of the time, people chose to cook and feed the homeless.  It was nice to sit those in need and listen to their stories.  Some of them were veterans who had nothing to come back to.  Others were curious that a Muslim was willing to help them due to what they usually hear about them. All in all, teaching the kids and helping the homeless gave me a new drive to continue being a Psych major, and I love it.”

-Mariama Suso, Russell Sage College Circle K Vice President

Keep up the great work, Mariama!

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