This Service Sunday Spotlight sweeps to Syracuse University Circle K’s Vice President, Beatriz Bueno Dorea (Pictured right). Below, she describes her impactful experience helping sea turtles in the Cayman Islands:

“Over the summer, I went home to the Cayman Islands and volunteered with the local Department of Environment (DOE). Alongside the group of professionals from DOE, we went around the island searching for turtle tracks and nests at the beaches. This is done in order to preserve the nests of the endangered sea turtles. On the two days in which I volunteered, we walked parts of beaches around the island to check if turtles had laid eggs. If they had, we would triangulate the position of the nest and record the GPS coordinates. If this was done previously and the eggs had already hatched, we would check how many hatched and unhatched eggs there were in those respective nests. During that process, we found many hatchlings that had not made it outside the nest. We were able to then take them and release them into the ocean at night. It was an amazing experience in which I learned so much new information about sea turtles, as well as what needs to be done in order to protect them.”

– Beatriz Bueno Dorea, Syracuse University Circle K Vice President

Great work, Beatriz!

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