[ ECRC Fun Run ]
The event was at the Kuntz stadium at UB on a fine Saturday morning. We also had Maheen and Sukhman, two new members, join for the first time for an event with UB Circle K.
Alice, former secretary of our club assigned us jobs for the day. I was supposed to watch some potholes and make sure the kids stayed out of that area while Connor, Sukhman, and Maheen were greeting the incoming participants. The atmosphere was full of enthusiasm and you could see excited kids and parents everywhere. As the event started it was really cute to watch little kids warm up for their run. It was also surprising how far these young people with small feet could run. A six year old even completed two laps around the stadium, when many of the adults likely could not complete one. Some volunteers were helping boost the confidence of the kids and providing them some refreshments. Overall it was really nice time!

– Rutuja Sawant, UB Circle K Club Treasurer