District Project

NYCKI District Service Project: NYCKI’s Abled Friends

Every year the New York district board chooses to focus on a social issues faced in the world every day. Last year the 2016-2017 district board chose to focus on homelessness. The ideas that our district clubs came up with to help stop homelessness were thoughtful and creative and truly represented what circle k means.

This year’s district project is nothing less than that, as we focus on supporting and assisting Children with Disabilities. As our world progresses these wonderful children tend to be the forgotten one’s in education system at time. This can create a stressfully life the child and their family which they do not deserve. By being that one person to above beyond to help these have a day that is unforgettable should be our goal. Whether it be by helping them ride a horse, tutoring them in their favorite subject at school or even just playing a game of hide and go seek. Though all disabilities are different this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be able to think out of the boxes to try their day a great day. Since No child should be left behind .One of the best ways of doing this is to work with other branches, and Advocate to help these kids that are within our communities, schools, and especially within the classroom ,so that they feel comfort now and know that they shouldn’t have feel uncomfortable in their future. This year’s District Project will allow our members to gain more knowledge of an issues that these children and their face every day, and hopefully be able talk about within the community as well as take action in supporting children who are able.

What are some ways my club can make a difference?

  • Talk to your sponsoring Kiwanis , about starting AKtion club which is meant for people with disabilities to serve in the community
  • Tutor at local schools that have special need classes
  • Work with Key club and their Kiwanis to start a buddy system with the school.
  • Be a cheerleader at local walks or sporting events supporting children with disabilities
  • Find a local community center that allows you to play kids, allowing their parents to run errands for a couple hours
  • Advocate to stop the use of the r-word. Sign the petition. “Spread the word ,to stop the word”

These are just a few ideas that your club can do, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop there. So think out of box, work together, and share ideas because it easier to make a difference if we serve as one K.

Click here for a PowerPoint presentation on this service initiative.