This year's district project is...

This year as a district we are coming together to combat a problem which has had impact globally. We have seen the impact in New York State and decided to stand to help everyone impacted. The Service Committee has dedicated time to create resources and projects that individual clubs can do and participate in, in order to support the district project. We hope that everyone in the district can get behind the project and show their support for people in need during the global pandemic.

Decidedly this is going to have lasting impact on how we live our everyday live as well as people throughout the world's ability to sustain themselves. We have dedicate our efforts to educating people about the pandemic, producing resources which help spread scientific information about the virus, as well as holding projects which help any individual that was hurt by the circumstances of the pandemic.

Examples of projects that would have an impact on people affected by the pandemic...

1. Making cards for your local children's hospital
2. Make dog toys for your local animal shelter
3. Volunteer for your local food pantry
4. Clean a local park / recreation area in your hometown
5. 30 hour famine through World Vision
6. Donate hygiene kits to a local homeless shelter
7. Make bingo cards for a local senior living facility
8. Sexual assault baggies (piece of jewelry and words of encouragement)
9. Grow vegetables and donate to a local homeless shelter
10. Bring bottled water to protestors to support the cause
11. Collect old books and donate them to local libraries/prisons
12. Register students to vote
13. Create paintings for an art auction or fundraiser
14. Make no-sew baby blankets for a local hospital
15. Write cards for nursing staff and send to a hospital of your choice