Everyday people all around the world suffer from some form of a mental illness or illnesses. ? of the entire population will suffer from some kind of mental illness at some point in their lives and 9.6 million people suffer from suicidal ideation. This includes children all the way up to elderly people. Anyone can suffer from a mental illness! The goals of Mind Your Mind are to 1) advocate about mental health and suicidal ideation and 2) shed light on mental health and decrease the stigma surrounding mental health and suicidal ideation.

What are some ways your club can make a difference?

  • Put random compliments on mirrors around your campus
  • Put a poster in the hallway and let people write what’s stressing them out
  • Give out words of encouragement to random people in the hallways
  • Have a mental health themed movie night
  • Try to get rid of the stigma on campus by walking around your campus and asking people what they know about mental health  
  • Have a group meditation
  • Host an educational event about mental health awareness
  • Create a spa for the residents at a nursing home
  • Paint positive messages on rocks and place them all around your campus
  • Make “Be a Buddy not a Bully” bracelets, pass them out and in return ask people to sign a sheet pledging to treat all people with kindness



  • National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)
  • The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • The Trevor Project
  • The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation